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Welcome to the top of the story pages! This is the root. New stories can be created on this page.

All new entries are created and formatted using wiki markup, which is relatively simple. Here's a Basic Guide to Wiki Formatting. Try and keep the new chapter names/options clean and consistent. (For instance, once inside a story, I name every chapter with an abbreviation of the story name followed by the choice (e.g., for "Disgruntled Curves", a chapter/choice heading might be "DC - Locked in the women's shower"). See "Hormone Hijinks" for other good examples.

Absolute Power

A young woman receives a magical latex catsuit which grants her the infinite, ultipotent powers of God.

Disgruntled Curves

There's a curvy woman at the gym who's tired of being ogled in her exercise outfits, and as luck would have it, she's discovered she has the ability to bring anything she's worn (and anything her enchantments touch) to life. On a busy evening, she brings a huge duffle bag into the gym, leaving it in the locker room as she conspicuously goes to start her workout. When she's safely on a treadmill, she whispers a spell and lets the clothes fly...

Hormone Hijinks

When Travis' gaze lingers a bit too long in the women's department, strange things begin to happen before his he getting carried away with his imagination, or is there more to his predicament than hormone-driven delusion?

The Djinn's Notebook

Lydia receives an enchanted notebook that will grant any sexual wish written within. Lydia's about to find out what it's like to have every sexual fantasy ever granted!!!!!

Pervasive Perversion

He's a quiet guy with a shiny new neural implant to help him focus, but his mind isn't exactly set on work. Sometimes he lets his imagination run away with him, but with this new technology, now it's in charge.


A strange powder with nearly unlimited potential is dumped on your doorstep. With no idea what it is or how you were even selected to trial it, you endeavor to do right (or wrong) by its manufacturer.

Import Threads

These threads are by various authors found on Former182's Interactive. These have been obtained and edited with the permission of Former182 and their contributors. (All threads are open, though--so feel free to add more!)


With the house all to yourself, your curiosity about a recent purchase of enzyme-treated garments puts you in an awkward position...

Forbidden Codex

Turns out that book of rogue magic you have is real. Too bad your first attempt at a spell put you in control of that same rogue magic...

Forbidden Codex D

Another book that's more than it seems, but this time we start by taking the book to your knowledgeable friend Denise.