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In creating an interactive story on a wikimedia platform, we have to do some unconventional things...


  1. Deliberate sabotage will be deleted, and repeated sabotage will result in suspensions and bans.
  2. Anyone creating a story must themselves open with substantial content. "Substantial content" means more than an opening statement. EX: "You are attacked by living clothes" is not substantial content. "Substantial content" currently remains at the discretion of the moderators, but see the guide lengths below for more details.
  3. Creators of stories may designate whether they want a storyline open to anyone or only with permission, and the administration will honor the position. Mark options you'd like to save with a ***HOLD*** after the option link. Only authors of a post may reserve an option in that post.
  4. You may post to as many options as you like so long as you respect the other rules of the interactive story.
  5. Please standardize your post formatting to match existing posts. Formatting may be corrected by an admin/mod.
  6. Rules are subject to modification.


Posting here is based on three tenets: RESPECT, STEWARDSHIP, and TRUST.

RESPECT the entries of others.

Correcting obvious typos is encouraged no matter who the post belongs to, but questions of style and content should be addressed in a talk page. Even in a talk page, ad hominem abuse of contributors, editors, or commenters alike will not be tolerated. In the end, this is a story with near-infinite possibilities; if you don't like someone else's post, you don't have to chain to it.

RESPECT the experience.

Don't post without making a substantial contribution. So what does substantial mean?

Substantial does NOT mean having us pick the color of Sally's blouse in one single-sentence chapter, and then picking the color of Sally's skirt in the next single-sentence chapter. Don't make a shorthand post just to write out your fantasy options as bait for the next writer...add something to the story!

There are no hard and fast rules for length. A 200 word chapter could be fine under the right literary circumstances (and it wouldn't hurt to be sandwiched between two other chapters of 1000 words or more)...but for simplicity's sake, here is a short list of chapter length guidelines:

<150 words

A chapter should almost NEVER fall shy of 150 words. There will always be an exception in an EXCEPTIONAL case, and an author MAY have a good reason for asking a single question and offering another option, as in an epic story's climactic moment--but seriously, for the most part, you have no excuse for making a chapter shorter than this. Don't make me sick Dark on you.

  • 150 words is about three paragraphs consisting of four simple sentences each.

150-399 words

This is a pretty short chapter. This length is okay to post once in a while, but it's short of what a reader really needs to get into the experience. Try to use entries of this length sparingly.

  • 300 words is just shy of half a properly-paragraphed page.

400-999 words

This is substantial. These chapters are the perfect length to take a reader for a little ride and let them choose the next step. This range is the ideal average of the posts here, but by no means should it be considered the ceiling.

  • 750 words is about the length of a properly-paragraphed page.

1000-2499 words

These are long and juicy chapters, and may be more common when the action gets a bit hotter. We're here to be creative and entertained, so don't feel bad about a nice long entry...any good author following you will appreciate a powerful lead-off much as any reader.

2500< words

On occasion, an interactive story will inspire so much passion, will manifest so much creative manna that a single entry could stand alone on the main page. These posts are okay, but they should mostly be an exception. It's not cause we don't want to read long posts, but rather because...if you're posting more that 2500 words at a time, why not be a contributing author to the main page?

Foster STEWARDSHIP for reader and author alike.

Clean up typos and faulty formatting when you see them. The bigger the wiki gets and the smoother things run, the more fun the wiki becomes for everyone! If you have a question, ask on a user's talk page! Hell, ask the admin! That's why he's here!

Good STEWARDSHIP is 'keeping an eye out'.

If you see a spammer, report the user (or block them if you're a BUREAUCRAT or SYS-OP). If you're in the GOODIES usergroup of approved users, you have the power to delete pages. Use it wisely, and only on pages that are clearly spam. Abuse of your ray gun will cause me or another mod to take your ray gun away.

TRUST the system.

We've all got the power to mess with each other's stuff here...but I've now narrowed down the people with editing and creation rights to folks that I reasonably trust. There are logs for the changes, and there's a backup of the database running at the roll-over low traffic point of every day. Post proud, post playful, post away. I think we've got this thing figured out...finally!

TRUST adaptation.

We're all gonna run into formatting issues, typos, things that could be worded better. The whole point of writing interactively is to get the ideas and blood flowing, improve at the craft, and impress your peers with how excitingly adventurous or deliciously smutty you can be! No matter our aims, we can't improve unless we perform the creative act...and that improvement is vastly enriched when the creative act is exposed to many minds. Let's play, have fun, and get a little freaky! :D