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As a standalone component of MagicMystique, this MMSTORIES wiki is something of a bastard.

The nature of a wiki is that it's open--and as that's the case, that means people can slice and dice all these words up pretty easily. The admins promise to do their best to keep the vandals at the gates, but in the end we're mediocre-artistic people that are even more mediocre at IT. The more people lead my example, moderate responsibly, and add fun, sexy chapters, the more valuable this resource becomes!

All the terms about civility and positive contributions apply, but ownership is somewhat more complicated in a wiki. If you register--you automatically become the logged author of your own posts and edits. The beauty of the wiki system is that it can provide both credit and accountability even when doing something less academic than cataloging the world's knowledge--one-handed reading, for instance.

So if you're the "logged author", are you the "owner"?

Here's the deal. If you're writing it here (MMSTORIES wiki), you have to respect the benefit of the community. When you write a new chapter, those are your words coming from your brain, so you can take it and do whatever else you want with it, but you can't demand I take it down.

I'll say that again:

If you're writing it here (MMSTORIES wiki), you have to respect the benefit of the community.

A chapter/thread you write is essentially yours; outside this wiki, you may distribute, sell, or alter the text as you see fit. It's yours. However: You agree to allow, in perpetuity, the use by and its subsites of your chapters/threads in its current context and this context alone--the environment of a free, non-commercial, community-edited wiki-based interactive story. You can't write a link of a chapter and then later withdraw it. You'll kill the story for everyone else!

If you don't agree with these terms, you may be better off posting at the main site, where authors have greater control over the publishing and display of their works. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to mail me: admin{at}MagicMystique{dawt}com.