MNC – Selene returns home and everything goes as planned

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Your apartment looked amazing ever since Mancite became your housekeeper. While waiting on Selene, you experimented with Mancite the rest of the evening, animating objects and commanding them. You were especially enthralled with the jeans and white button down you animated, watching them dance to the music you had playing. Once the clock went past 11pm you heard Selene across the hall slam the door behind her.

“Finally!” You exclaim as you go to your computer and await the show of your life. Selene was about to get what’s coming to her and you couldn’t wait. You grab your laptop and connect it to your 60 inch widescreen and lay on the couch. 20 minutes pass and your hands are fidgeting. You begin to wander if the powder worked on electronics when you are suddenly silenced by Selene’s bedroom displaying in your living room. There she is, fast asleep as you sit there drooling at the site. Her bedsheets slowly slide off of her, careful not to wake her and tie her wrists to the headboard. You see a pair of black panties slowly slide from underneath her silver robe and off her feet. Your cock is throbbing against your pants as you see her robe slowly part to reveal her beautiful c-cup tits and neatly trimmed pussy.

Her eyes open and immediately goes wide as she realizes her predicament. Before she could scream, she is muffled by the same panties that slid off her moments earlier. She struggles and kicks, trying to get free until the sash of her robe snakes around her left ankle, tying to the bedpost. A belt snakes out of her closet and does the same with her right ankle, leaving her spread eagle for the camera.

“Holy fuck this is hot!!!” You exclaim as her robe begins to caress and massage her breast while tweaking her tits. Selene had the strangest look of fear and arousal as she watched the magic fondling. Two pairs of latex gloves filled out and floated out of her closet and began to massage her calves and inner thighs. The white sucks she was wearing began tickling the bottom of her feet, making her muffled screams even louder as she struggled harder to get free. A pair of black winter gloves floated out and began tickling her sides as well. This went on for several minutes and you had already cum in your pants from the site alone.

Her beautiful vagina began to glisten with anticipation and an all-too-familiar buzzing sound could be heard from a vibrator that was more than happy to oblige. A pink, double-ended vibrator emerged from her closet and positioned one end directly on her clit. Selene whimpered as she struggled in vain and had no choice but to surrender herself to her enchanted belongings. After a few minutes of bathing in her juices, one end of the vibrator eagerly plunged itself into her swollen pussy. She spasmed and bucked as she came. Her body could take no more, but her living bedroom did not care. Just when she thought it could not get any worse, the other end of the vibrator curved inward and plunged itself into her ass. The vibrations dialed higher while the other living objects worked her over harder. Tears streamed down her face as she painfully came two more times before passing out. The TV switched off as the show was over and you get up to change your now soiled underwear.

MNC – Selene’s living items make their way to your apartment for further command.

MNC – You drive to a nearby adult shop.

MNC – You use Mancite on your Real Doll.