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WELCOME TO MAGICMYSTIQUE.NET, where we have a wiki that serves as a multi-path story.

Read the posting guidelines below if this is your first time at the MMStories Wiki!

To sign up for an account here, sign up for an account at the forum and shoot Vestiphile a message. I've shut down self registration here because the bots are crazy. You can easily let us know you need in by posting in this thread!

Hi, Gang! Used to be every chapter had a link at the top of the page to the previous chapter in the chain and the story root. This way you could click back up the chain and easily pick another direction. That broke when we moved! I'm working on fixing it again. (THIS IS FIXED as of 11/16!)

Go to the Stories!

Add on to an existing story or start one of your own. If you're shaky on the basics of wiki formatting, just take a look under the hood (look at the edit page) and do as the Romans do. If you need more help, see the links below to check out the basics.

The "Recent Changes" link on the side will show you every under the hood tweak and edit that anyone has made, but if you want to see the most recent chapter additions:

Check out the newest chapters here!

If you're a new user and you wish to contribute, you'll have to make an account here and then go the forum (left sidebar, called "MM Forum") and let us know you're screenname and that you're a human (or at least a magical or technological entity that wants to contribute to the storylines in the intended way). We keep write protection locked down from all the zombie scripts that spread their advertising disease. Make an account and let us know over on the forum, and we'll let you in.

Posting Guidelines

Click here for "THE RULES" and a set of etiquette, tips and guidelines. These are mostly examples and guides to help you get comfortable posting your own chapters.